Become a Member of the Board of Trustees

About Initiative Earth and Earthed 

Earthed is part of Initiative Earth, a UK Registered Charity with a mission is to enable people to restore ecosystems and revitalise community wellbeing around the world. Launched in June 2023, Earthed’s mission is to support a peer-driven, mass mobilised ecosystem restoration movement by giving anyone, anywhere, access to the skills, networks and funds they need to restore nature and learn to grow. 

On the platform, members donate to access practical video courses led by Nature Teachers from around the world. They can learn how to grow food, restore their local river, harvest rainwater, start a farmers market, urban garden, reforest, increase biodiversity, prevent droughts or floods, defend against wildfires or desertification and so, so much more.

Earthed has the potential to unite people in positive, nature-centred solutions; leverage the knowledge economy to diversify and increase ecosystem restoration projects; and galvanise an accessible, peer-driven and mass-mobilised ecosystem restoration and agroecological movement on the global scale.

By 2032, Earthed aims to have enabled millions of people to participate in the global ecosystem restoration movement. Revenue generated through membership will support the running of the Charity as well as establish an Action Fund so members can apply for the grants they need to start and scale regeneration projects. 


Our Trustees

Our Trustees play a vital role in making sure that Initiative Earth achieves its core purpose. They ensure that the Charity has a clear strategy and that our work and goals are in line with our vision. They also support and challenge the leadership team to enable the Charity to grow and thrive, and through this, achieve our mission. 

Board members have a collective responsibility. This means that Trustees always act as a group and not as individuals.

Current Board

  • James Beazley, Treasurer – Accountant and finance lead in tech

What we are looking for

We are looking for people willing to bring energy, enthusiasm and commitment, who will expand the diversity of skills, experience and perspectives on the Board. This position will play a specific role with duties that reflect their expertise. We are particularly looking for candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas:

Growth leadership:

  • Experience playing a leadership role in establishing and scaling both membership organisations and online learning platforms;
  • Track record of building, scaling and leading online membership acquisition, conversation and retention marketing functions, bringing a deep understanding of the overall digital marketing landscape, including channel-specific best practice, technology and data solutions. 
  • Proven success at fundraising and revenue generation, with an ability to advise on and oversee implementation of effective strategies.
  • Highly analytical and data driven, with a structured problem-solving approach. 
  • Strategic mind, willing to play an integral role in business development activities.
  • Skilled at working with multiple stakeholders and across sectors with an understanding of customer needs, profiles and how to engage them at all stages in their journey.
  • Strategic mind and willing to play a core role in business development activities and strategies. 
  • Experience with Charity or Board governance.
  • Excellent communicator and facilitator, able to remain objective, support conflict resolution processes, and put parameters and processes in place to prevent conflict arising.
  • Passion for driving impact.

Tech and product development:

  • Track record of building, scaling and leading online membership acquisition, conversation and retention marketing functions, bringing a deep understanding of the overall digital marketing landscape, including channel-specific best practice, technology and data solutions. 
  • Understanding of the requirements needed to ensure effective use of funds, so that technology responds to the needs of the Charity and enables its growth and impact.
  • Experience building, scaling and advising on multiple online learning and membership community platforms.
  • Innovative approaches to technology, product development and funding strategies.
  • Ability to advise on effective product development strategies.
  • Experience overseeing teams of product developers and strategists and potential challenges that may arise.
  • Understanding of similar platforms in the sector as well as in the online learning space more broadly.
  • Passionate about using “technology for good”, to drive impact and ecosystem restoration at scale. 

Regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration:

  • In-depth knowledge of the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration. 
  • Strong understanding of the role of nature based solutions, environment and biodiversity within climate. 
  • Aware of and able to communicate from an objective position the complexities and nuances of approaches, perspectives and practices within ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture. 
  • Embedded within and knowledgeable about the network of key figures and actors in the global ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture movements, with both famers, landworkers and grassroots organisations on-the-ground, as well as with NGOs and institutions. 
  • Ideally the candidate is particularly connected to key actors and networks in the UK, but with an understanding of the global movement. 

Fundraising and impact reporting:

  • Strong understanding of the role of nature based solutions (specifically ESR and RA), environment and biodiversity within the climate funding landscape. 
  • Strategic and innovative approaches to fundraising, philanthropy and impact.
  • Actively engaged and a key player within funding and philanthropy networks.
  • Aware and informed of funding trends, market demands, and activities of similar organisations within the sector. 
  • Passion for driving impact.
  • Skilled at devising effective impact measurement and reporting strategies that both meet the needs of funders and ensure that the Charity fulfils its mission. 

Preferable Qualities & Skills

  • Strong leadership capacities.
  • Ability to develop trusting and compatible relationships with the Board of Trustees and Directors. 
  • Passionate and/or knowledgeable about regenerative farming practices and ecosystem restoration.
  • Ability to think creatively and strategically, exercise good judgement and work effectively as a board member. 
  • Willingness to lead according to our values, with enthusiasm for our vision and mission.
  • Knowledge and experience of Charity governance.
  • Experience with business development and scaling start-up organisations.
  • Good communication and facilitation skills.

Time commitment: the Board meets online or in London on a quarterly basis for two hours. As a small charity, there may be times when the Trustees will need to be actively involved beyond Board meetings; to lead discussions on specific areas, provide advice and guidance on new initiatives, review papers and strategies, etc. 

Term: Trustees are elected for a term not exceeding three years, but a retiring Trustee may be re-elected by the Board for a further term of office. There is no limit to the number of times a Trustee may be re-elected. 

To apply: we are requesting a short statement in response to the role description, including an outline of why you are suitable and what you could bring to the position. We welcome additional information, including attachments or links to work. You may then be invited to an informal conversation before a more structured discussion or interview with the Board if both parties feel as though the candidate is suitable. Initiative Earth is committed to equality and diversity and welcomes applications from anyone who feels they might be a good fit for the position.

To apply, please submit an expression of interest to Ruby Reed by email: