About us

Earthed is a charity and a nature skills platform that exists to make every river, city, farm and balcony burst with life. Here, you can learn skills from our nature teachers, celebrate traditional knowledge and those who hold it and take part in community activities across many topics and terrains.

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Our mission

With the power of our community, Earthed will remove the obstacles that prevent us from regenerating our local ecosystems, and provide access to the necessary skills, networks and funds that enable life to flourish. Earthed is a charity that unites people in positive, nature-centered solutions.

Our &mission&

The community

As well as access to nature skills and wisdom, Earthed provides a space for community to grow. On Earthed, you can access community forums, live events and support. We want you to find success, joy and connection in your nature journey. No matter where you are or what level you’re at, if you share the values of nature, connection and learning, then join us. Beginners, experts, we welcome all.

The %community%

What are Nature Skills?

Caring for houseplants, farming regeneratively, harvesting rainwater and more — these are nature skills, helping nature’s systems thrive, bringing more life and health to everyone and everything on the planet.

Sidney Etienne tending his Food forest in Haiti
Paul river restoration earthed course

Our Team

Earthed’s team is made up of a UK, Brazil and Ibiza based folks dedicated to nature regeneration and community revitalisation. Earthed works with an ecosystem of talented teachers, advisors, creatives and supporters around the world.

  • Christabel Reed

    Christabel Reed

    Christabel is the Co-Founding Director of Earthed, the Initiative Earth charity and advaya. She is guided by a belief in our collective potential to heal ourselves, each other and our relationship with nature

  • Ruby Reed

    Ruby Reed

    Co-founding Director of Earthed and advaya, Ruby is dedicated to creating experiences that enable us to come into alignment with the natural living world.

  • Wanessa Rudmer

    Wanessa Rudmer

    Head of Production at Earthed. Wanessa brings over twenty years of expertise in audiovisual production, entrepreneurship, and marketing, dedicated to driving positive change for both people and the planet.

  • Charlotte Akers

    Charlotte Akers

    Head of Partnerships & Comms at Earthed. Charlotte’s work is underpinned by collaboration, creativity, and designing imaginative ways for diverse individual experiences to become collective strengths.

  • Kiran Dhall

    Kiran Dhall

    Head of Marketing & Community, Kiran is an accomplished entrepreneur and marketer, dedicated to creating positive change in the world and inspiring action through storytelling and design.

  • Alana Hyde Bloom

    Alana Hyde Bloom

    Membership Manager, Alana is passionate about stewarding eco-centric cultures. She has spent several years regenerating earth & people through peer learning, community building & nature connection

  • Amy Birch

    Amy Birch

    Finance Manager at Earthed Amy is a qualified accountant with over 23 years experience of working in both commercial and grant funded environments.

  • Shanley Mitchell

    Shanley Mitchell

    Digital Content Designer & Manager, Shanley combines 10 years of experience in strategic design, environmental conservation, and creative storytelling to create change for our planet and its people.

  • Ciaran Biggins

    Ciaran Biggins – Head of Development

    Passionate about developing nature-based solutions for people & planet. An experienced fundraiser & social innovator who previously founded ecotherapy charity MindFood & works with Friends of the Earth.

  • Oscar van Zijl

    Oscar van Zijl

    Outreach & Engagement Officer, Oscar has dedicated his career to bringing about positive social change through collaboration and partnerships.

Our Trustees

Behind Earthed is the Initiative Earth charity. Our Board is made up of an inspiring and experienced group of individuals ready to make ecosystem restoration accessible to all.

  • Cara Delevingne

    Cara Delevingne

    Cara is the co-founder of Earthed and the Initiative Earth charity as well as an actress, model and musician.

  • Deepa Mirchandani

    Deepa Mirchandani

    Deepa has spent over 20 years advising organisations and working with people who want to create lasting positive socio-economic and environmental change.

  • James Beazley

    James Beazley

    A working life as a chartered accountant, mainly in tech, with a passion to be involved in things that might change the world.

  • Jack Harries Earthrise Earthed Trustee

    Jack Harries

    A documentary filmmaker, presenter and co-founder of Earthrise Studio. His work focuses on topics such as mental health, sustainability, and climate justice.

  • Isabella Noero

    Isabella Noero

    Colombian cultural producer and climate justice advocate, currently Head of Collaborative Partnerships at Earthrise Studio, a multimedia company for climate and culture.

  • Naresh Ramchandani

    Naresh Ramchandani

    Naresh is a writer and creative director who works wherever possible with organisations that advance climate action and social justice.

Our Founding Partners

Earthed has been made possible by the generous support of our Founding Partners – all of which share our vision of a world where people and nature can thrive together.

Our Ambassadors

Earthed Ambassadors are a small group of people who have nurtured the vision from the start and who have helped bring Earthed to life through financial support and strategic direction.

  • Georgia Jagger

    Georgia Jagger

    Co-owner of Bleach London and model, Georgia is passionate about biodiversity and nature.

  • Nabila Khashoggi

    Nabila Khashoggi

    Nabila Khashoggi is an entrepreneur, founder of Nabila K Cosmetics, and author of the eco-conscious children’s book series Spartan and the Green Egg.

  • Jessica Sweidan

    Jessica Sweidan

    The co-founder of Synchronicity Earth and Flourishing Diversity, Jessica works to uplift the interrelation between cultural and biological diversity support those on the frontlines of environmental defence.

  • Alejandro Agag

    Alejandro Agag

    Alejandro is the Founder and CEO of Extreme E and the Chairman Formula E.

  • Kamel Jaber

    Kamel Jaber

    Kamel is a CEO in Investment management, as well as a meditation and spiritual mentor. He is passionate about building bridges between people and systems.

  • Simon Burgess Radici Farm

    Simon Burgess

    Simon is a tech entrepreneur, activist, filmmaker and artist, helping lead Radici… an agricultural and socially regenerative project on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy.

  • Rameet Chawla

    Rameet Chawla

    From New York to London, Rameet is known as an expert in mobile design, startups, product strategy, ecommerce, and user experience.

  • Dulma Clark

    Dulma Clark

    Dulma Clark is Impact Investment, Strategic Partnerships & Storytelling Lead at VIVOBAREFOOT, natural health lifestyle brand on a mission to reconnect people to nature and human natural potential.

  • Anabel Kindersley

    Anabel Kindersley

    Anabel is co-owner of the pioneering ethical health & beauty brand Neal’s Yard Remedies. A passionate campaigner for biodiversity, founding Stand By Bees, a coalition to push government to cut pesticides. Asi

  • Camilla Fayed, Farmacy Restaurant

    Camila Fayed

    Camilla Fayed is the founder of Farmacy and an activist for food system transformation.

  • Hannah Warner

    Hannah Warner

    Hannah Warner is a jewellery designer, keen environmentalist and holistic activist who loves being in nature and supporting earthed.

  • Tariq Najam

    Tariq Najam

    Tech entrepreneur operating businesses in developing countries with a focus on addressing socio-economic imbalances.

  • Rebecca Frayn

    Rebecca Frayn

    Rebecca is a writer, filmmaker and environmental activist, currently building a regenerative honey farm in the north of Ibiza.

Our Advocates

Earthed Advocates are our amazing supporters and public figures who are lending their voice and platforms to amplify the power of learning to grow.

  • Sienna Miller

    Sienna Miller

  • Poppy Okotcha

    Poppy Okotcha

    Poppy is an ecological food grower, garden writer and speaker, inspiring & teaching reconnection to land through engaging with food, from growing to processing and cooking, soil to table.

  • Nat Kelley

    Nat Kelley

  • Tayshan Hayden-Smith (Grow2Know)

    Tayshan Hayden-Smith (Grow2Know)

    After the Grenfell Tower fire, Tayshan turned to guerrilla gardening as a form of therapy. He's since set up Grow2Know which reimagines green space through innovative design, reconnecting people with nature.

  • Arizona Muse

    Arizona Muse

    Arizona is one of the fashion sectors most highly regarded champions for sustainability. She the founder of the DIRT charity which works to regenerate soil by supporting the Biodynamic Farming movement.

  • Isaias Hernandez

    Isaias Hernandez

    Isaias is living in LA, working as a full-time content creator for QueerBrownVegan, a public speaker, & a consultant. In his free time, he enjoys reading, foraging, and connecting to ecological wealth.

  • Lily Cole

    Lily Cole

    Lily is an activist, model actor and writer who has founded several of her own social businesses, including incubator Impossible.com and who hosts the podcast Who Cares Wins.

  • Tori Tsui

    Tori Tsui

  • Lauren Bash

    Lauren Bash

    Lauren Bash (@relauren) is a climate activist, content creator, and ocean enthusiast.

  • Kevin Patel

    Kevin Patel

    Kevin is a distinguished climate justice activist and Executive Director of One Up Action based in LA, California, with over a decade of experience advocating for a sustainable and equitable world.

  • Claudia Ayuso

    Claudia Ayuso

    Claudia Ayuso is a writer, presenter, and content creator inspiring the reclamation of our individual and collective relationship with nature through storytelling and movement.

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Named members

  • Angela Rowland

  • Christian Jochnick

  • Floris Wentholt

  • Glynis Reed

  • Jessica Sweidan

  • Sophie LaSala

  • Seth Tabatznik

  • Vanessa Bustamante

  • Stephen Kinsella

  • Vince Gwilliam

  • Nabila Khashoggi

What our members say

As a Member, you can access community forums, live events and support. Beginners, experts, we welcome all. If you share the values of nature, connection and learning, then join us.

Rakesh Dhall Rakesh Dhall

I’ve always wanted to grow my own food but as I live in a city I never thought I could. The courses on earthed are so simple and easy to follow. I’ve loved learning new skills and sharing them with my friends and family.

Sophie Shnapp, Ibiza Sophie Shnapp, Ibiza

Through Earthed, I learn from global leaders in ecosystem restoration, and connect with like-minded people to problem solve and share stories. It gives so much, for such a small monthly donation. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Kesewa Aboah, London Kesewa Aboah, London

Sometimes it feels as if even though you want to participate in all the productive and good that you know you can do, you have no idea where, when or how to start. Thankfully we now have Earthed. It’s the simplest of ideas that make the most impact. A truly engaging and thoughtful site, I haven’t and I won’t stop using it.

Daniela Hoyos, Colombia Daniela Hoyos, Colombia

I cannot express enough how impactful and transformative the Earthed Platform has been in my journey to combat climate change. What sets Earthed apart is its strong dedication to fostering an interconnected community of environmental advocates, each bringing forth their unique perspectives and innovative solutions to address one of humanity's greatest challenges through its incredible courses.

Octavia Calthorpe, Somerset Octavia Calthorpe, Somerset

I always wanted to take action in healing our planet, but felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. When I found Earthed I found the courses easy to digest and before I knew it, I was actively participating in restoring my local environment.

Jay Khatri, London Jay Khatri, London

I enrolled into Urban Gardening with Alessandro to unlock the potential of my small, unloved apartment garden. The course was easy to follow and my space is already thriving with plant-life and insects.

Joya Burrows, Dorset Joya Burrows, Dorset

Knowledge is our most renewable resource and Earthed will be leading the way. This is the platform I have been waiting for. Accessible, exciting and focused on agency, giving the opportunity for everyone to take up their role as stewards and Earth Guardians.

TJ Najam, Miami TJ Najam, Miami

A decade ago a platform like this was simply unimaginable. This has the potential to create a global movement, taking action in ecosystem restoration.