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What our members say

As a Member, you can access community forums, live events and support. Beginners, experts, we welcome all. If you share the values of nature, connection and learning, then join us.

Rakesh Dhall Rakesh Dhall

I’ve always wanted to grow my own food but as I live in a city I never thought I could. The courses on earthed are so simple and easy to follow. I’ve loved learning new skills and sharing them with my friends and family.

Sophie Shnapp, Ibiza Sophie Shnapp, Ibiza

Through Earthed, I learn from global leaders in ecosystem restoration, and connect with like-minded people to problem solve and share stories. It gives so much, for such a small monthly donation. I really can’t recommend it highly enough.

Kesewa Aboah, London Kesewa Aboah, London

Sometimes it feels as if even though you want to participate in all the productive and good that you know you can do, you have no idea where, when or how to start. Thankfully we now have Earthed. It’s the simplest of ideas that make the most impact. A truly engaging and thoughtful site, I haven’t and I won’t stop using it.

Daniela Hoyos, Colombia Daniela Hoyos, Colombia

I cannot express enough how impactful and transformative the Earthed Platform has been in my journey to combat climate change. What sets Earthed apart is its strong dedication to fostering an interconnected community of environmental advocates, each bringing forth their unique perspectives and innovative solutions to address one of humanity's greatest challenges through its incredible courses.

Octavia Calthorpe, Somerset Octavia Calthorpe, Somerset

I always wanted to take action in healing our planet, but felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. When I found Earthed I found the courses easy to digest and before I knew it, I was actively participating in restoring my local environment.

Jay Khatri, London Jay Khatri, London

I enrolled into Urban Gardening with Alessandro to unlock the potential of my small, unloved apartment garden. The course was easy to follow and my space is already thriving with plant-life and insects.

Joya Burrows, Dorset Joya Burrows, Dorset

Knowledge is our most renewable resource and Earthed will be leading the way. This is the platform I have been waiting for. Accessible, exciting and focused on agency, giving the opportunity for everyone to take up their role as stewards and Earth Guardians.

TJ Najam, Miami TJ Najam, Miami

A decade ago a platform like this was simply unimaginable. This has the potential to create a global movement, taking action in ecosystem restoration.