Community Pollinators

Like mycelial nodes in a thriving ecosystem, pollinators help fertilise flowers and plants, building thriving relationships and connections. This is at the heart of our community pollinator programme and the key to enabling a mass-mobilised peer-driven ecosystem restoration movement.

Community @Pollinators@

Connect and Collaborate

Join our year-long programme with an engaged group of regenerators, all looking to use their skills, passions and talents to initiate, contribute to and scale up community and restoration action.  Foster collaboration and belonging as part of the Earthed community, supporting growing and restoration projects, learning for and from nature.

Connect and %Collaborate%

A Reciprocal Relationship

Becoming a community pollinator means you are contributing valuable time and energy towards building capacity for ecosystem restoration. To support you Earthed will offer peer support, mentoring and coaching in a dedicated monthly space, showcase your bio on our website, highlight your work and projects on social media as well as providing access to earthed courses and further trainings.

Community Pollinators

  • Liane Fulford

    Liane Fulford

    I've been working in Seychelles, focusing on island and marine conservation efforts, particularly coral restoration and turtle nesting monitoring.

  • Sarah Pottle

    Sarah Pottle

    Sarah Pottle is an educator, botanical-dyer, writer, speaker, and organizer-advocate towards the potential that localization, connection, and imagination can provide us.

  • Sarah Hopkinson

    Sarah Hopkinson

    Sarah Hopkinson is Pākehā in Aotearoa New Zealand. She's a curriculum designer, microbial urban farmer, storyteller and earth dreamer practising decolonisation through accountability and ancestral connection.

  • Imogen Malpas

    Imogen Malpas

    Imogen Malpas is a journalist, medical student and interdisciplinary creative practitioner based in London. She is the founder of Club SOL, a collective helping us connect to our roots as the Earth.

  • Gemma Bulbulian

    Gemma Bulbulian

    Gemma is outdoor enthusiast and passionate about conservation and sustainability. I am interested in learning more about agrobiodiversity and zero-waste.

  • Issy Comley

    Issy Comley

    Issy is a visual creative & inter-disciplinary researcher working in the environmental policy space.

  • Sophie Echeverry

    Sophie Echeverry

    Sophie is a Colombian Master in Food Culture, Communication, and Marketing from the only slow food university in the world, the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy.

Get involved

Passionate about ecosystem restoration and environmental issues? Have experience in supporting others to learn? Passionate to share your nature skills, knowledge and expertise? Excited to support a thriving movement of nature restorers and regenerators through community engagement? If you answered yes then we want to hear from you. Read our further information pack and then drop us an email at with the subject line ‘Community Pollinator.’

Tayshan Hayden-Smith, Ed Morrison, Poppy Okotcha, Laura Kaestele, Ellen Miles, facilitated by Jack Harries