Tuntiak Katan

Pampants Community, Ecuadorian Amazon

Tuntiak Katan, deeply rooted in his Shuar community, is a staunch advocate for the conservation of the Amazon and the rights of its indigenous peoples. His academic background has expanded his commitment to biodiversity, indigenous knowledge, territory, and sustainable development.

Throughout his career, Tuntiak has played a crucial role in initiatives such as Sacred Basins in Peru and Ecuador and the Global Alliance of Territorial Communities, promoting climate, social, and economic justice. He is the creator and developer of the SHANDIA mechanism for direct access to climate financing for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.

He is also a fervent supporter of efforts to preserve the Shuar language and Shuar culture. Recognized internationally, including with Italy’s Giovani Award, Tuntiak persists in his defence of the sovereign rights of Indigenous peoples over their territories and the ecosystem services they generate. His enduring dedication is shaping a more sustainable and just future for community self-sufficiency.

Tuntiak Katan

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