Leave the World Behind: Learn To Become Self-Sufficient & Live Off-Grid.

In a world increasingly reliant on external systems, the desire to break free and live a self-sufficient life is gaining momentum. Netflix movie, “Leave The World Behind”, adapted from Rumaan Alam’s novel of the same name, serves as a captivating source of inspiration, encouraging viewers to explore alternative ways of living. Earthed’s courses empower individuals to learn practical skills, to make off-grid, self-sufficient living a possibility. Explore how you can learn practical tools below.

Michael Reynolds is an architect, and globally-renowned creator of Earthships. Earthships, are a cornerstone for those seeking autonomy at a time when dependence on fossil fuels, and water supplies are at an all time high. Earthships provide an alternative way of living. They create buildings that use the Earth’s natural resources to thrive. Furthermore, they also repurpose, recycle and reuse what already exists to generate comfortable homes.

By working with simple physics and biology, Earthships are able to heat and cool themselves without relying on fossil fuels. They run on renewable electricity, harvest and treat water and sewage whilst growing food. A vessel that supports life to thrive. They provide a prime example of the ways humans can live in harmony with the environment.

Michael Reynolds, a pioneer in eco-friendly architecture, guides participants through the principles and construction methods necessary to create their own Earthship. From water harvesting to thermal mass utilization, this course equips learners with the skills to build homes that are not only environmentally friendly but also economically sustainable.

Join Earthed’s Earthships course to learn about sustainable design, off-grid living including:

– Natural Heating and Cooling
– Renewable Electricity
– Water Collection and Treatment
– Sewage Treatment
– Food Production

Michael Reynolds sits inside an earthship - an off-grid home made entirely from recycled materials.

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