No Dig Gardening with Charles Dowding
  • Growing food
  • No Dig Gardening

No Dig Gardening with Charles Dowding

  • Growing food
  • No Dig Gardening

No Dig Gardening with Charles Dowding

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About the course

Take a springtime stroll in Charles’s Somerset garden and learn the no dig steps to organic gardening for healthy soil and homegrown food.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the basics to the no dig method
  • Build and manage your own no dig garden bed
  • Build and manage your own compost heap
  • Grow your own organic produce
  • Retain soil carbon
  • Restore soil health
  • Reduce chemical fertilisers
  • Reduce chemical pesticides

Course modules

  1. Introduction

    2 min
  2. Module 1: Starting your No Dig Garden Bed

    13 min
  3. Module 2: Making and Using Compost

    12 min
  4. Module 3: Sowing Seeds

    11 min
  5. Module 4: Planting Plants

    9 min
  6. Module 5: Staying Weed Free

    7 min
  7. Module 6: Managing Pests

    7 min
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  • Location: Somerset, England
  • Biome: Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
  • Modules: 6
  • Duration: 61 minutes

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About Charles Dowding

Charles Dowding is an English horticulturalist, author, and for the past 30 years a renowned innovator of no dig growing, weed free gardening, and organic soil management.

Charles Dowding


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