Meet the Earthed Team

We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves!

Behind the scenes, there is a passionate team working tirelessly to make Earthed the thriving hub it is. We are a small but mighty team, from environmental experts to experienced entrepreneurs, sharing a common goal: to empower individuals to become stewards of the Earth.

🏆 Our Achievements 

Since our inception, Earthed has achieved some incredible milestones, thanks to the network of partners, ambassadors, advocates and the enthusiasm of our members. Since launching in May 2023 we’ve seen the positive ripple effects of collective efforts.

In our first year we:

  • Built the Earthed platform
  • Filmed over 40 courses and released 20 on the online platform 
  • Successfully raised over £100,000 in our crowdfunding campaign
  • Launched our in-person Earthed summit that sold out with over 550 attendees. 
  • Onboarded 2000 members in our first 8 months 
  • Built an incredible network of partners, ambassadors and advocates that continues to grow 
  • Partnered with our dream Founding Partners: Neal’s Yard Remedies and Vivobarefoot
  • Became implementing partners to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

We are so excited about what the future holds for us, especially when it comes to empowering the people on the ground to restore and help nature thrive.

In this blog you can get to know who we are and the ways we are passionate about nature and restoration.


Role: Co-founder & CEO 

Love of nature: Cornish coast line – the cliffs + ocean!; moss – seeing them as tiny universes; swimming underwater and looking up to see shards of light streaming through the surface

Restoration commitment: Guerilla gardening in London and helping my mum grow a wild, pollinator paradise in her garden

Hobbies: Dancing, travelling, chatting, resting

Earthed Bio: Through years of campaigning and working to ignite the radical imagination I came to understand that, contrary to popular belief, enough people understand that we currently face an ecological and social health crisis. We can all imagine a happier, healthier world – but few of us have the skills to actually build the systems that make the old systems obsolete. And so I set out with my sister and a small collective of women to create a platform that could make accessible the skills, networks and funds people need to make their visions of radical, regenerated futures, a reality. Today, I co-run Earthed with my sister, alongside our other organisation advaya which is focused on regenerating our inner worlds and healing our relationships with self, other, nature and spirit. 


Role: Head of Partnerships 

Love of nature: Seeing the first signs of a new season and finding comfort in this circularity; from daffodils in March signalling the first days of sunlight, to conkers on the forest floor in September and October giving me that “back to school” feeling, recognising these moments of nature that come each year make me feel deeply grounded.

Restoration commitment: Rewilding the small urban garden in my London rental and trying to bring some life back into the soil

Hobbies: Long dog walks, long conversations, short runs

Earthed Bio: I have always had a love of storytelling, but most significantly I am interested in the power of narratives to shape our world. After studying English and a master’s in Environmental Politics I did various roles in communications, research, and campaigning before joining Christabel and Ruby at Initiative Earth in 2020. After many communications campaigns and much storytelling around climate change and nature disconnect, it became clear that words alone are not enough. Developing Earthed and focusing on leveraging tools, resources and learning in order to enable practical action has been so refreshing. Through partnerships I love discovering all the amazing work organisations and individuals are doing all over the world and finding ways to collaborate for the creation of a greener, fairer future.


Role: Head of Production 

Love of nature: The profound certainty of being an integral part of nature, where every living entity, including myself, is intricately interconnected and mutually reliant within the awe-inspiring complexity of our planet.

Restoration commitment: Enabling nature education and awareness, while also supporting the development of projects geared towards restoring ecosystems on different scales around the world.

Hobbies: Learning, painting, writing and walking in nature.

Earthed Bio: My background is a rich mix of expertise in audiovisual production, social entrepreneurship, and marketing, acquired across a vibrant international landscape.  My professional journey has been intricately woven with a deep-rooted commitment to fostering positive change addressing social and environmental issues over the span of two decades. At Earthed, I oversee educational programmes development and course production, guiding our courses from inception to delivery. To date, I’ve led the development of over 40 courses, 20 of which have been released to the public as of the time of this publication.


Role: Head of Marketing and Community 

Love of nature: That feeling of comfort and connectedness when laying by a lake, under a tree on a balmy summer’s afternoon. Feeling the ground, heading insects buzzing by, feeling the sun on your face. Bliss! 

Restoration commitment: To make more concrete pavements pop with vibrancy, colour and life through guerilla gardening in the city.

Hobbies: Gardening, cooking, exercise. 

Earthed Bio: As Head of Marketing & Community, I see storytelling and partner collaboration as a conduit to create positive change. Nature is my sanctuary, where I believe everyone can find solace and inspiration. I am grateful to have had an upbringing rooted in spirituality and mental wellness and want to pay this forward by making nature more accessible, fostering unexpected moments of joy and liberation for all.


Role: Member Manager 

Love of nature: Being beside the ocean at dusk or sitting high up on Dartmoor overlooking valleys and feeling totally in awe. I also love being in or beside water or in wide open spaces. The reciprocal relationships with many beings that help me remember my deep belonging and kinship with the earth.

Restoration commitment: Growing food, herbs and pollinator friendly flowers in my own back garden through regenerative practices. Regenerating 4 acres of land with my local community into a thriving biodiverse haven.

Hobbies: Dancing, playing music, kayaking, snorkelling, hiking and camping. 

Earthed Bio: I spent several years immersing myself in work and communities who are building alternative regenerative cultures to the extractive harmful and oppressive systems of the western world. My work is highly creative and deeply influenced by the principles of peer-led and experiential based learning, emergent strategy and community building through nature based cultural healing. I’m passionate about supporting people to reconnect with the natural world as we rewild ourselves and helping people to get their hands in the soil is a big part of that. I’m part of a small land-based hub in Devon called The Living Projects and love to apply the experience of restoring 4 acres of land into a thriving biodiverse haven for nature and people, to my work with Earthed.


Role: Digital content designer & manager 

Love of nature: I am forever in awe of the intricate symbiotic relationships within nature, where everything is interconnected and each species plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of its ecosystem. (Also the ocean and the Redwoods will always have my heart)

Restoration Commitment: I believe in our ability to be stewards of healing our ecosystems 

Hobbies: Making nature-based art, singing, hiking, organising bespoke concerts in the woods, swimming, and really doing anything outdoors with people I love. 

Earthed Bio: As a Digital Content Designer & Manager with 10 years of experience in strategic design, environmental restoration, and creative storytelling, I am dedicated to creating change for our planet and its people. Throughout my career, I have committed myself to collaborating with environmental initiatives, bringing their stories to life and making a meaningful impact. Most recently I have spent the last 5 years working on forest and river rewilding in northern California – reaching 2 million trees planted in regions impacted by wildfire. Now at Earthed, I am honoured to be a part of a team helping people learn how they too can get involved with healing our ecosystems. 


Role: Outreach and Engagement Officer 

Love of nature: Wild swimming, all things outdoor in Cornwall and spending time in nature through the seasons. 

Restoration commitment: Making the garden in my houseshare a pollinator paradise. 

Hobbies: Running, Triathlons and all things sport 

Earthed Bio: I have dedicated my career to bringing about positive social change through collaboration and partnerships, working for a variety of charities in fundraising roles. I am passionate about mental health, I volunteer as a Samaritans Listening Volunteer and am a qualified mental health first aider. I strongly believe that access to nature is an essential part of mental wellbeing for everyone.


Role: Head of Development 

Love of nature: Nature has been a source of encouragement, healing, and inspiration throughout my life. I feel most alive when deeply connected to the natural world, whether through creating food forests in my garden and community or engaging with plants and the landscape around me. 

Restoration commitment: Creating food forests in my new garden and local community

Hobbies: Permaculture gardening, walks in nature, live music, spiritual exploration and finding flow whilst moving through tennis, swimming, and yoga.

Earthed Bio: I’m passionate about developing and supporting nature-based solutions that restore ecosystems and wellbeing. I’m an experienced fundraiser and social innovator who previously founded the ecotherapy charity MindFood and developed the scaling plan for Friends of the Earth’s Postcode Gardener programme that is bringing nature back to urban places. My role at Earthed is focused on forging collaborative partnerships with funders to scale ecosystem restoration globally. I love being part of our mission to galvanise a peer-driven, mass-mobilised ecosystem restoration movement by giving anyone, anywhere, access to the skills, networks and funds they need to restore nature and learn to grow.


Role: Finance Manager

Love of nature: Watching the garden unfurl from winter and hearing the birds return to sing once again, noticing the flowers of spring arrive along with the wonderful bugs that make it all possible.

Restoration commitment: Grow more food and plant more wildflower patches to encourage even more bees and butterflies into my garden.

Hobbies: Discovering new places with my dogs, hanging out with family and friends, being outside.

Earthed Bio: I was very lucky to spend so much of my childhood in the garden, my grandparents always grew food and as children we were encouraged to help sow the seeds and nurture them and later share the produce.  I think we have lost some of that enthusiasm with the emergence of supermarkets and global importation of food.  I’d like to see a return to a simpler way of living where we grow and share, nurturing the next generation of children to discover the wonders of nature.