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This autumn, hundreds of grass-roots environmentalists, nature lovers, food growers, agroecological farmers and leaders will converge in London for the Earthed Summit 2024. Aligned in our missions to restore our planets ecosystems, support biodiversity and revive wildlife and plant life, we will learn, workshop and unite in positive, practical action.

Earthed Summit 2024 panel, 4 panelists sit on a stage, surrounded by lush green setting of The Barbican in London. They hold microphones and laugh.

Get Inspired & Grow

You have the power to halt the climate crisis & restore nature.

Expect to be inspired by a diverse line of speakers and learn practical skills in hands-on workshops. The Earthed Summit 2024 will touch upon the myriad biomes and climate emergencies that we face.

We are close to launching the details for the Earthed Summit 2024 in London –  if you would like to be the first to hear about the news when it launches, sign up to the waiting list above.


You'll learn from over ecosystem restoration experts, nature teachers, urban growers, indigenous leaders and farmers. Speakers at last years summit included…

  • Lyla June Johnson

    Lyla June (The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council)

    Musician, public speaker and poet of Diné and Tsétsêhéstâhese lineages. Her mission is to grow closer to Creator by learning how to love deeper & to support indigenous youth.

  • Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

    Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall

    A multi-award-winning writer and broadcaster known for his uncompromising commitment to seasonal, ethically produced food and his concern for the environment.

  • John D Liu

    John D Liu

    World leading ecosystem restoration expert and ecologist, John Liu founded Ecosystem Restoration Communities in 2017, a worldwide movement that aims to restore damaged ecosystems on a large scale.

  • Finn Harries Juntos Farm & Earthrise

    Finn Harries (Juntos Farm & Earthrise)

    Finn Harries is a designer and a filmmaker. His work focuses on design, ecology and climate change. He is the co-founder of Earthrise Studio and Juntos Farm.

  • Benki Piyãko Asháninka

    Benki Piyãko (leader of the Ashaninka people)

    Benki Piyãko, leader of the Ashaninka people, is increasing the capacity of indigenous peoples & teaches improved land management techniques so that the communities and nature can thrive.

  • Poppy Okotcha

    Poppy Okotcha

    Poppy is an ecological food grower, garden writer and speaker, inspiring & teaching reconnection to land through engaging with food, from growing to processing and cooking, soil to table.

  • Helena Norberg-Hodge (Local Futures)

    Helena Norberg-Hodge (Local Futures)

    Author, film maker and founding director of the international non-profit organisation, Local Futures, a pioneer of the new economy movement, and the convenor of World Localisation Day

  • Tayshan Hayden-Smith (Grow2Know)

    Tayshan Hayden-Smith (Grow2Know)

    After the Grenfell Tower fire, Tayshan turned to guerrilla gardening as a form of therapy. He's since set up Grow2Know which reimagines green space through innovative design, reconnecting people with nature.

  • Guy Singh Watson (Riverford)

    Guy Singh Watson (Riverford)

    Founder, farmer and organic veg box pioneer Guy has taken Riverford from one man and a wheelbarrow delivering organic veg to friends to 50,000 deliveries a week.

  • Jack Harries Earthrise Earthed Trustee

    Jack Harries (Earthrise & Earthed Trustee)

    A documentary filmmaker, presenter and co-founder of Earthrise Studio. His work focuses on topics such as mental health, sustainability, and climate justice.

  • Laura Kaestele

    Laura Kaestele (ECOLISE)

    A network weaver, designer, facilitator, coordinator, and grower focusing on integrative design, eco regeneration, network development & permaculture with 10+ years of practical experience.

  • Derek Gow (Bringing Back The Beaver)

    Derek Gow (Bringing Back The Beaver)

    A UK-based reintroduction expert, farmer and author known for his work with watervoles, beavers, white storks and wildcats.

  • Li An Phoa

    Li An Phoa (Drinkable Rivers)

    Li An Phoa is a whole systems ecologist, philosopher and entrepreneur, who engages people through outdoor learning experiences and initiates projects around landscapes, food and water.

  • Glennie Kindred

    Glennie Kindred (Earth Wisdom)

    Author of twelve books on Earth wisdom, native plants and trees and celebrating the Earth's cycles, including Earth Wisdom, A Hedgerow Cookbook and Letting in the Wild Edges.

  • Mitch McCulloch (Grower & Earthed Teacher)

    Mitch McCulloch (Grower & Earthed Teacher)

    Mitch is an organic, no-dig grower who is a passionate advocate for heirloom seeds. He is also the Earthed Teacher, leading 'Building Biodiverse Gardens'.

  • The Frenchie Gardener_ Patrick Vernuccio

    Patrick Vernuccio (Frenchie Gardener)

    Author, educator and urban gardener growing organic food in small spaces.

  • Ashleigh Brown | Education Coordinator at Ecosystem Restoration Communities, training thousands of everyday people around the world to restore degraded ecosystems, together.

    Ashleigh Brown (Ecosystem Restoration Communities)

    Education Coordinator at Ecosystem Restoration Communities, training thousands of everyday people around the world to restore degraded ecosystems, together.

  • alan watson featherstone

    Alan Watson Featherstone (Trees For Life)

    Earthed Teacher, Scottish ecologist, natural history photographer, inspirational speaker and the founder of the conservation charity Trees for Life.

  • Jack Hodgson_ Jacks Patch

    Jack Hodgson

    Earthed Teacher & Permaculture Designer with a 1/4 acre Market Garden in London.

  • Elise Van Middelem (SUGi)

    Elise Van Middelem (SUGi)

    Founder & CEO, SUGi which creates green infrastructure and reimagines the urban experience through the creation of pocket forests in cities.

  • Ellen Miles (Get Guerrilla Gardening)

    Ellen Miles (Get Guerrilla Gardening)

    An activist, guerrilla gardener & founder Nature is a Human Right, the campaign to make access to nature a universal right, & author of Get Guerrilla Gardening: A Handbook for Planting in Public Spaces.

  • Jerome Lewis UCL

    Jerome Lewis (Embracing Biological & Cultural Diversity)

    Co-founder of Flourishing Diversity. An associate professor at UCL with 25 years research in the radically egalitarian politics and economics of hunter-gather societies in Central Africa.

  • Anabel Kindersley (Neal’s Yard Remedies)

    Anabel Kindersley (Neal’s Yard Remedies)

    Anabel is a teacher, a homeopath, a writer, and the co-owner of Neal's Yard Remedies.

  • Sarah Langford (How Regenerative Farming Can Save The World)

    Sarah Langford (How Regenerative Farming Can Save The World)

    For 10 years Sarah was a criminal & family barrister & best-selling author. In 2017 she took on a small family farm, an experience she wrote about in Rooted: Stories of Life, Land & a Farming Revolution.

  • Willemijn Deoingh | Commonland

    Willemijn de Iongh (Commonland)

    Landscape developer at Commonland, the incredible organisation making holistic landscape restoration the new norm to create a brighter future on planet Earth.

  • Ed Morrison (Roots Allotments)

    Ed Morrison (Roots Allotments)

    Ed is the founder of Roots Allotments, a space and community so everyone can grow their own grub.

  • Camilla Fayed, Farmacy Restaurant

    Camilla Fayed (Farmacy)

    Camilla Fayed is the founder of Farmacy and an activist for food system transformation.

  • chris smaje | small farm future

    Chris Smaje (A Small Farm Future)

    Farmer & author of A Small Farm Future & Saying NO to a Farm-Free Future. Writing about this moment of vast change within climate, energy, politics and natural ecosystems.

  • paul powlesland

    Paul Powlesland (Lawyers for Nature)

    Earthed Teacher, barrister & founder of Lawyers for Nature, which seeks to represent the natural world and all those who seek to defend it in the courts, as well as campaigning for the legal rights of nature.

  • Leif Bersweden

    Leif Bersweden (Wild Flowers)

    Adventuring botanist and author of Where The Wild Flowers Grow who runs plant identification training courses for The Species Recovery Trust.

  • Abel Pearson (Community Supported Agriculture)

    Abel Pearson (Community Supported Agriculture)

    Abel is the founder of CSA Glasbren in Wales. He’s a food grower and passionate permaculture designer and educator, listening for the stories we need to reconnect to land, food and seed.

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