Andrew Millison

Oregon, USA

Andrew Millison is a Permaculture designer, instructor, and documentary videographer based out of the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America. He has been an instructor in the Horticulture Department at Oregon State University (OSU) since 2009 where he founded OSU Permaculture Design which runs the premiere online university Permaculture program in the world.  Andrew’s focus at OSU has been educational media development, and he shares his research in story form on his popular YouTube channel. 


Andrew began studying Permaculture at Prescott College in Arizona in 1996-2001. During this time, he started a Permaculture landscape design and build company focusing on rainwater harvesting, greywater systems, and desert agriculture. During 2001-2007, he spent his time running a design and build Permaculture landscape company, Millison Ecological Inc.. This was where he completed large-scale and high-profile projects which included a project with the rockstar Maynard Keenan and his Merkin Vineyard.


He hosted a free international online Introduction to Permaculture course through Oregon State University that boasted 45,000 students. He’s taught through several other organisations including the Ecosa Institute, Prescott College, the Cascadia Permaculture Institute, and has been a guest instructor in Permaculture courses throughout the United States.


Along with Andrew’s teaching, he’s also a documentary videographer who has travelled the world documenting Permaculture projects in places like Mexico, Egypt, Cuba, Senegal and India. He brings an innovative approach to his educational media by using an Augmented Reality Sandbox and “Lightboard” glass chalkboard to better illustrate the subjects he’s covering. He publishes the best of his educational media on his popular YouTube channel.

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Andrew Millison

“We need to understand and prepare to survive this new normal and permaculture design has a lot of helpful design strategies to make us more resilient to wildfire danger.”

Andrew Millison

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