Mitch McCulloch

Hampshire, England

Mitch McCulloch is a London born, former chef who’s cultivating some of the tastiest, rarest and unusual fruit and vegetable varieties from around the world.

Being a chef Mitch has a curious and creative mindset when it comes to growing his own food. This has been the catalyst for him seeking out all kinds of exciting heritage varieties, so he can experiment with new flavours, colours and textures in the kitchen. 

A passionate gardener who practises regenerative methods like no dig and permaculture, Mitch believes fewer things are more rewarding in life than tending to a plant from seed to harvest.

Mitch offers a regenerative approach to food growing that is beneficial for humans and nature alike. The UK has lost almost half of its biodiversity since the 1970s, yet gardens play a key role in mitigating further loss, as they can help protect and increase the biodiversity we have left.

There is so much potential literally on our doorsteps and his Earthed course teaches you how to harness that.

Mitch McCulloch

“I decided to close up my catering business in search of a more wholesome, sustainable and natural lifestyle ... to help inspire the next generation to grow food and be connected to nature.”

Mitch McCulloch

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