Building Biodiverse Gardens with Mitch McCulloch
  • Biodiversity
  • Growing food

Building Biodiverse Gardens with Mitch McCulloch

  • Biodiversity
  • Growing food

Building Biodiverse Gardens with Mitch McCulloch

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About the course

All in the size of an average UK garden, Mitch shows us how we can increase biodiversity by harnessing the outdoor space our homes have to offer. Passionate about supporting the plant, animal and insect species you can find in your garden, Mitch offers a regenerative approach to food growing that is beneficial for humans and nature alike. 

The UK has lost almost half of its biodiversity since the 1970s, yet gardens play a key role in mitigating further loss, as they can help protect and increase the biodiversity we have left. There is so much potential literally on our doorsteps and this course teaches you how to harness that. 

Expect to learn about the different vegetables you can grow, including heirloom varieties that are at risk of disappearing. Understand how to better support the food you are growing through companion planting, natural pest control, the no dig method and composting or mulching. 

From habitat creation that supports existing native species; boosting the soil food web; natural and regenerative approaches to food growing as well as the human benefits, this course will help you to create biodiverse havens for wildlife that also increase human wellbeing.

Learning outcomes

  • Increase biodiversity
  • Support pollinators
  • Promote wildlife
  • Regenerate soil
  • Build healthy soil food web
  • Crop diversification
  • Control pests naturally
  • Enjoy your garden
  • Increase ecosystem resiliency

Course modules

  1. Introduction

    2 min
  2. Module 1: Creating Habitats

    11 min
  3. Module 2: Regenerating Soil

    11 min
  4. Module 3: Companion Planting

    4 min
  5. Module 4: Diversifying Crops

    6 min
  6. Module 5: Making Space to Relax

    3 min
  7. Outro: Go get growing

    1 min
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  • Location: Hampshire, England
  • Biome: Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests & Small rivers
  • Modules: 5
  • Duration: 37 minutes

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About Mitch McCulloch

Mitch McCulloch is a writer and former chef who’s dedicated to collecting, protecting and raising awareness about rare, endangered and unusual food crops from around the world.

Mitch McCulloch

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