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Restaurant, farm, shop, and foundation, Farmacy has become renowned for its innovative, nutritionally curated and organic dishes, with ‘living food’ recipes that are good for human health and sustainability. Farmacy champions the belief that ‘food is medicine’ and advocates for local, organic and biodynamic farming.

The ‘Farm’ in Farmacy is grounded in the Kent countryside. It’s a Demeter-certified biodynamic plot of land, growing vegetables, fruits and herbs, which are delivered weekly to the Notting Hill restaurant by electric van.

As well as championing a regenerative approach to agriculture, Farmacy is passionate about creating educational initiatives to share this knowledge of biodynamics and set individuals and families off on their own journeys towards deep health and personal sovereignty.

Founding Partner

As a Founding Partner, Farmacy supports Earthed’s mission of increasing access to nature skills, enabling a wide audience to engage with ecosystem restoration, and raising the profile of nature leaders and regenerative farmers from across the planet.

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Farmacy believes that food — and the skills required to grow it and prepare it — can speak to every major crisis facing humanity. The act of eating fords boundaries between us and everything else, connecting us back to the soil, the whole living world, and each other.

“Farmacy recognizes that by equipping ourselves with knowledge and tools, we can each become gardeners of a renaissance, farmers of our own potential. As such, Farmacy is a natural Founding Partner of Earthed, and we couldn’t be more proud to be supporting this platform and bringing you initiatives to help you transform the food system — restoring both human health and ecosystems along the way.”