Abel Pearson


Abel Pearson is a vegetable farmer, nature-based facilitator, permaculture educator and land steward listening for the stories we need to reconnect to land, food and seed. He believes that the kinds of growing and farming techniques we need for the future must come from a place of authentic relationship to the land, reverence for the life it provides for us and the wholehearted support of communities, gathered around a table or a smoking fire once again.
He’s the founder of Glasbren, a community food and farming project in the green, rolling hills of West Wales, exploring the role Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) can play in ecological restoration, cultural transformation and forging accessible pathways into living with the land and the seasons. If we’re going to change the way we farm the land, he believes, we must change the way we share its fruits and support our farmers and food growers.
He loves to write, tell the old stories around a fire, hold meaningful, place-based ceremony on the land and explore river, coastline and wild mountain trails by foot or in his canoe. Everything he does now is for his young son and the children to come, in the hope that they might yet enjoy abundant foodscapes, clean rivers and regenerative cultures.
Abel Pearson

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