Jack Hodgson

London, UK

Jack Hodgson is an urban grower and permaculture designer from London. His mission is to support people to reconnect with nature whilst teaching them everything they need to know about growing their own vegetables.

Several years ago Jack spent time working on a permaculture farm in Australia. During this time he became vegan and spent time learning about health and nutrition. He quickly became passionate about leveraging nature’s natural systems to grow food and build good quality soil in a regenerative way.

Since then he has developed a successful business that offers mouth-watering seasonal veg-box subscriptions. He managed a permaculture no dig market garden for 4 years in London. This is where he grows microgreens and mushrooms in a 20ft shipping container for local restaurants and farmers markets.

Jack now runs a market garden in Essex, England, with three simple principles of no-dig, permaculture, and biodynamic farming. His focus is on empowering others to grow their own food by sharing the knowledge he has accumulated. He also designs and builds projects including farms, gardens, rooftops and shipping containers.

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Jack Hodgson Earthed

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