Manisha Lath Gupta

Haryana, India

Manisha Lath Gupta, an Indian permaculture practitioner, designer and teacher, has dedicated a decade to Aanandaa Permaculture Farm. After a long corporate career, her desire to nurture nature and family led her to transform barren land into Aanandaa, a thriving forest.

Aanandaa is a place of learning & inspiration from the natural world. Manisha conducts trainings & workshops for a variety of groups interested in learning from nature. When they founded the permaculture farm the land was barren. Over time they have planted 5000 trees, built water harvesting structures and rejuvenated the soil back to health.

Manisha’s belief is that permaculture isn’t an alternative lifestyle but a universally applicable way of life. She enjoys sharing her wisdom with those seeking a nature-aligned existence. Through her work and courses, she inspires countless individuals to embark on their permaculture journeys fostering positive change in their lives and surroundings.

“We were regular city dwellers; we had no background in any kind of ecorestoration or agriculture or farming, and didn’t really know how to go about contributing back to the planet, back to nature. And then about ten years ago, we learnt about permaculture.”

Learn more on her Earthed course Food Forests.

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