Sidney Etienne


Sidney-Max Etienne is a regenerative farmer, community activist, and artist from Haiti. He practises agriculture that restores the natural environment, supports local food systems, and empowers small-scale farmers.

Sidney co-founded Grown in Haiti to promote ecological and community health through regenerative farming and community-driven change. Grown In Haiti is a grassroots organisation that supports practices that lead to healthier soil, genetically diverse ecosystems and ultimately healthier people. By supporting community empowerment and environmental regeneration in rural communities of Haiti, Grown in Haiti aims to increase the capacity for local communities to reach higher levels of autonomy and sustainability.

As a community activist, he advocates for policies that promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity in Haiti. With a vision to empower Haiti’s people and communities to become fully independent through sustainable development, Sidney’s motto “Ayisyen Pou Ayiti” (Haitians For Haiti) reflects his commitment to social justice and community empowerment.

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“It’s very important to remember that you too are a part of the system. We are not trying to control what nature does. We are learning from nature and we are trying to mimic exactly what it is teaching us.”

Sidney Etienne

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