Māori Food & Soil Sovereignty with Dr Jessica Hutchings
  • Growing food
  • Traditional Knowledge

Māori Food & Soil Sovereignty with Dr Jessica Hutchings

  • Growing food
  • Traditional Knowledge

Māori Food & Soil Sovereignty with Dr Jessica Hutchings

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About this course

Discover the power of seed and soil sovereignty through Māori indigenous values. This course shares the core beliefs at the centre of Māori organic food growing approach of Hua Parakore. Through the guidance of Dr Jessica Hutchings, you will discover ways to put those values into practice in your garden. Unearth a perspective that sees the world as alive, learning to care for the health of the soil, seeds and biodiversity of your garden.

From biodynamics to polycropping, composting and establishing seedling community-supported agriculture – this course brings together different aspects of Māori food growing that Jessica has learned over the 17 years she has spent growing food on her farm Papawhakaritorito. Expect to connect with food growing as a spiritual practice as you dive into indigenous wisdom and a worldview that heals our relationship to the earth.

Key outcomes

  • Approach gardening connected to indigenous values
  • Learn approaches for composting
  • Create a polycropping garden bed
  • Establish a seedling CSA
  • Create your own fertiliser

Key skills

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge
  • Improving biodiversity 
  • Biodynamic gardening
  • Māori seed and soil sovereignty 
  • Polycropping 
  • Composting

Course modules

  1. Hua Parakore: Māori Values & Organics Framework

    13 min
  2. Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Organic Regenerative Agriculture

    3 min
  3. Te Ao Tūroa: Indigenous Regenerative Agriculture

    7 min
  4. Māori Soil Sovereignty – Elevating the lifeforce of soil

    7 min
  5. Hua Parakore and Biodynamics

    12 min
  6. Establish a seedling CSA to grow community food growers

    13 min
  7. Establishing a polycropping garden bed

    7 min
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  • Location: Aotearoa, New Zealand
  • Biome: Tropical and subtropical broadleaf forests
  • Number of Modules: 7
  • Duration: 60 minutes

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About Dr Jessica Hutchings

Dr Hutchings has been working at the crossroads of Indigenous knowledge, whānau and environmental wellbeing for the last three decades and is a recognised leader in Indigenous food systems and Māori food and soil sovereignty.

Dr Jessica Hutchings_ Māori food and soil sovereignty

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