Urban Gardening with Alessandro Vitale
  • Growing food
  • Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening with Alessandro Vitale

  • Growing food
  • Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening with Alessandro Vitale

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About this course

Have some fun and get creative whilst learning to build your own garden features, cultivate new plants, connect with community resources, and grow your own food for your health and the planet’s. Take Alessandro’s Earthed Course and discover the power of an urban garden.

Learning outcomes

  • Build and manage your own compost heap
  • Build and manage your own raised garden bed
  • Build and manage your own worm farm
  • Grow your own organic produce
  • Connect with nature in the city

Course modules

  1. Module 1: Introduction

    2 min
  2. Module 2: Create Hanging Containers

    5 min
  3. Module 3: Get Worm Farming

    8 min
  4. Module 4: Composting in Compact Spaces

    9 min
  5. Module 5: Raised Beds on a Budget

    9 min
  6. Module 6: Go Get Growing

    2 min
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  • Location: London, England
  • Biome: Temperate broadleaf and mixed forests
  • Modules: 6
  • Duration: 35 minutes

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About Alessandro Vitale

Alessandro Vitale, also known as Spicy Moustache, moved from his hometown in Northern Italy to London almost a decade ago, where he has since transformed his 8 x 5 metre outdoor space into a thriving urban garden.

Alessandro Vitale in his Urban Garden.


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