Alessandro Vitale

London, United Kingdom

Alessandro Vitale began gardening when he was a kid with his grandfather, who taught him everything he knows about gardening which cooperates with nature, and the “living soil” surrounding us. His love for nature and a passion for growing which doesn’t rely upon chemical fertilisers and pesticides led Alessandro to start growing his own food.

“I grow many kinds of vegetables and fruit all in raised beds or pots and primarily heirloom varieties saving my own seeds. It’s important to save seeds every season as every seed holds a connection to the future and the past. I use many different practices to maintain healthy soil and build a good web of microorganisms and bacteria for my plants.”

Alessandro shares his adventures in his small London garden on his YouTube channel The Spicy Moustache, where he helps others to reestablish their missing link with nature through urban gardening.

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Alessandro Vitale in his Urban Garden.

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